Whoa! A Real Website…

Welcome to the new GrindWorksBMX.com!

Welcome to the new GrindWorksBMX.com!

We have debated since the beginning whether we really needed a website other than our storefront, which worked for quite a while. However, it’s impersonal and has always made it difficult to present information, introduce new products, share edits, and in general, we feel like it’s just time to bring a real site into the mix.In the coming weeks, we will be working on updating our online store to ensure that it is up-to-date. We will be revamping the product photos and updating pricing. In the meantime, that means that some of this stuff will be a mess. The online store has been down for the past few days while we worked on bringing about this website, and transferring the domain.

We are also excited that this website may allow us to provide some more intimate insight into GrindWorks, the products, our crew, and any experiences that are often worth more than just a quick post on Instagram. We are asking that you bear with us as we complete our transition and try to make GrindWorks bigger and better. So in the meantime, hit our online store and pick up a shirt, a block of wax, some stickers, and the best pegs on the market.



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