GrindWorks Podcast 015

Hey everyone, once again, we’re behind on getting these episodes posted, and there’s a good handful in the backlog at this point. I’m going to try getting a few of these up over the next week or so to cut this down to a reasonable backlog and then get back on track with a once-a-week schedule. We’ll see how it goes.

For this weeks episode, I sat down with Ryan Connelly and talked about injuries, BMX, and music.

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GrindWorks BMX Podcast 010!

Wow! We’ve done 10 of these already (and have more in the backlog)! We really hope you’re enjoying these because, frankly, we are enjoying doing them.

This episode is with a crew from Portland, Maine: Josiah Webber, Byron Dill, and Bryon Farley. They were visiting Pittsburgh and crashed at my (Andrew Vargason) apartment while in town.

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