GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam 2017 – Update 1

Lots to update on since the last post. First, there is now a Facebook event page for the GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam. This is the primary resource for jam updates, sponsor listing, etc.

Second, we have a lot of repeat sponsors jumping on board right away! As of right now, our sponsor list includes:
GrindWorks BMX
GrindWorks Icehouse
Dead Krow Army
Weston Cycles
Tables & Fables
All Things Shred
The Yea
Looking For Spots
Spooky Action Industrial Arts
Keystoned Brand
The Wheel Mill

There’s a lot to say about each brand, company, or crew on this list as far as why they were asked to be a part of the jam, and why we are stoked to have them involved. However, there are more sponsors yet to be added, and I’d personally prefer to not split up the appreciation posting, so for now, just make sure you are following EVERY ONE of the above listed (and linked) Instagram accounts.

Thanks to Murphy Moschetta for letting us use one of his great photos from last year’s jam as the flyer for this year’s.

Be on the lookout for more news soon, and the announcement of another jam in the works as well.


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