Long-Overdue Update – August 2018

It’s been another long period of not posting anything, so here’s what’s new…

We held our annual jams this year already. The flyer’s never made the website, but were all over social media, so I’m sure you saw them. We have had some delays in getting the jam edits out, but I finally got the first one finished up. It’s uploading now, so I’ll be sharing that one shortly.

We are sold out of all stickers right now. Shirt inventory is low. These are good things, as it leaves lots of room for new stuff! We have a fresh batch of GrindWorks Street Lite pegs in-house and ready for your bike! We also have our classic Foundation pegs available still in case you like your bike to be bomb-proof. The online store is in need of some TLC, so DM on Instagram or email at grindworks.av@gmail.com if you need or want something.

Sorry about slacking on the site; I’m sure someday I’ll be better about this.


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