GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam 2019

Our 4th annual GrindWorks BMX Pittsburgh Street Jam went down July 13th, 2019 and was a huge success! Thanks to all who made it out to ride, to all the sponsors, and everyone who supports the Pittsburgh scene; we couldn’t do it without you!

The YouTube version is here, but you can check it out in our classic format on Vimeo after the jump, along with a list of jam sponsors! Stay tuned for the Binghamton Jam…

GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam 2019 from Andrew Vargason on Vimeo.



2019 Sponsors:

GrindWorks BMX


Spooky Action Industrial Arts


Family BMX



Eastern Bikes

The Wheel Mill

Dead Krow Army



MHS Manufacturing

Keystoned Brand

HCS Skatepark

The Yea

7 BikeCo


NoWear BMX

Tuff Luck BMX

648 Handmade BMX


Keystone Bikes



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