December GiveAways!

I’ll update this better later, but I have to get the basic info out there now.

2020 Kinda sucked, so we’re closing it out with some giveaways.

To make this a little easier, the appropriate info for each giveaway section is after the jump:

Follow @grindworks_bmx on Instagram, repost on your feed (not just share to a story), and tag @grindworks_bmx in the post to enter.

This one is a little more involved, but I’ll walk you through it:

1 – Follow GrindWorksAV on Twitch

2 – Click the subscribe button. – Note, subscriptions on Twitch do cost money, but anyone with an Amazon Prime account can get one free each month by linking their Prime account with their Twitch account. This is achieved under Account Settings.

3 – Return to the Twitch channel on Saturday, December 12 prior to the drawing, enter the giveaway live (instructions will be in-stream), and hang out in chat until a winner is drawn. You will need to be present in chat to claim your prize.

This one is much simpler. Click this link to join our Discord channel. Then chat in there throughout the month. That’s it! I’ll pick someone from the active users.

Since you already subscribed to our Twitch Channel for Giveaway 2, and already joined the Discord for Giveaway 3, this one is easy, too!

Return to the Twitch channel on Saturday, December 19 and hang in the Discord chat to be a part of the next GrindWorks Live-Cast. Giveaways will be periodically throughout the cast, so you’ll want to get comfy and hang out for a bit! You will need to be present in chat to claim your prize.

Of course that’s all a lot at once, and of course we’ll do our best to remind you all of each upcoming giveaway, although we strongly suggest getting started now and not waiting until the last minute to link accounts, etc…

Love you all and hoping for a stronger 2021!


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