20% Off All Week

Hey everyone! If you have been sitting on a promo code or just waiting for the right moment to spring for new pegs, now is the time! The code is posted after the jump.

Due to an upcoming policy update through our store‘s host, the promotional code functionality we have always used will be replaced with a newer, more versatile set of tools… you guessed it, IF we want to pay for them. Because we are still in a transitional phase with the launch of this site and a push to update the existing store, we just haven’t decided if we are going to spend the extra money until we want to run a promotion.

With that said, we DO want to make sure everyone gets to take advantage of our current promotion: 20% Off all orders! Use promo code SPARKS at checkout to lock down this promotion. This can be coupled with our 2 Peg Combo and 4 Peg Combo deals as well, for some really significant savings!


Click here to start shopping now! This promotion ends 3/14/2017.


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