The Lowdown, Part 1: GrindWorks Podcast 052 and New G Spot Wax

Recorded over a year ago, this episode should start to clear things up as to some of the mystery of where we’ve been and what’s been going on. We know there’s more questions, but that’s why this is only part 1…

We also released a new wax, the G Spot, over on the site. You’ll find the link for the wax and some links to check out the podcast on various other platforms as fits your lifestyle after the jump!

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A Sign of Life…

Whoa – A new GrindWorks blog post! I feel like it’s been forever, but the at the same time the last year has flown by. There’s been a lot of non-BMX stuff at work in my life lately, and the move from Pittsburgh back to Binghamton has not helped with that, but that’s a story for another time (lightly teases a new podcast episode or two).

I posted the design on Instagram a few weeks ago, but we have a new shirt up on the webstore as of last night! Link to the shirt is here:

Verifiably the worst photo crop of my career.

More to come soon…


GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam 2018

GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam 2018 from Andrew Vargason on Vimeo.

The long-awaited Pittsburgh Street Jam edit is finally done! The jam went down June 30th and was another great time! Huge shout out to all the sponsors that hooked it up for this jam, everyone who filmed and submitted clips, and everyone who showed up to have fun. Continue reading “GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam 2018”

Sam’s BMX Diaper Party

First and foremost, congratulation to Sam and Lindsay on their newborn son, Parker! Parker was born a little earlier than expected, as we were supposed to be having a Diaper Party this past weekend for Sam. While the party was still able to happen, it was cut short from the original plans.

Tyler and AV drove up from Pittsburgh and met up with everyone else at an undisclosed location. We had a little bit of fun with this one since we had to spend hours in the car. It starts out making fun of Vlogs while claiming to be one, then goes into the journey to the undisclosed location, while assuring lots of continuity errors, and then becomes a normal edit. Video after the jump. Continue reading “Sam’s BMX Diaper Party”