GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam 2018

GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam 2018 from Andrew Vargason on Vimeo.

The long-awaited Pittsburgh Street Jam edit is finally done! The jam went down June 30th and was another great time! Huge shout out to all the sponsors that hooked it up for this jam, everyone who filmed and submitted clips, and everyone who showed up to have fun.

The jam started out in the streets and was then relocated to Sheraden skatepark mid-day to keep the good times rolling. We’re super happy with how both the GrindWorks BMX Binghamton Jam 2018 and the GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam 2018 turned out and believe that everyone in attendance feels the same way!

We hope you enjoy this edit as much as everyone enjoyed the day!

Thanks, and don’t forget to hit our Store and pick up some GrindWorks goods!


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