Work Frames – A New BMX Company with John Corts: GrindWorks BMX Podcast 030

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, FBM has closed it’s machine shop and left long-time welder, John Corts, on his own to either move onto other things, or start his own brand. With close to 20 years of frame-building experience, it’s not surprising that he is starting his own brand, simply dubbed ‘Work’.

John doesn’t get into a lot of details about the separation with FBM, so if you’re looking for drama, look elsewhere; but if you want to know what’s next for one of the best frame builders in the industry, click play and go follow what he’s up to at @jcortsmetalworks on Instagram. Also, check back for his website link as that goes live soon!

Some links to check out the podcast on various other platforms as fits your lifestyle can be found after the jump!

As always, we are open to feedback, suggestions, and general comments to help us improve the podcast and the content for you guys. You may notice that I reformatted the titles for the podcasts to put the more relevant information first. I did this across the board and updated all the previous episodes accordingly. Let us know what you think and who you’d like to see in the future!



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