Week 0: Quarantine Barspins – GrindWorks Instajams

The first GrindWorks InstaJam event is Quarantine Barspins. As explained in the InstaJams Announcement Podcast, this is a pretty loose jam event. Do a barspin in your home, apartment, garage, etc… Let’s keep it to the “Stay-at-Home” theme for this one, as it’s Week 0, and at least here in SouthWestern PA, we are still under a stay at home order. Entries are due by 05/16/2020.

Check out the announcement post on Instagram for some examples of a quarantine barspin, but have fun and make it your own!

Instajams 2020 Week 0

Check out after the jump for more details and the few applicable Guidelines.Instajams 2020 Guidelines

Don’t forget to add the shout-out to the clip or we won’t count it. We’re sorry but we don’t want people pulling old clips and using them to win free stuff. These are based on participation and do not require you to be the best at anything, so have some fun, let loose, and send the clips in!

Please remember that if your Instagram account is private, we will not be able to see your post or download it to share on our page. You can tag @grindworks_bmx in the post and use #grindworksinstajams to submit your entry; or, email your entry to InstaJams@grindworksbmx.com.


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