The Wheel Mill with Harry Geyer: GrindWorks Podcast 038

I’m really happy to finally have this episode recorded because Harry and I had this discussion a couple months ago, made basic arrangement to have the discussion via podcast, and then Coronavirus happened and put everyone on Stay-At-Home orders and closed The Wheel Mill for an undetermined amount of time, starting at 15 days, extending to 30, and now at 2 months long, there’s no end in sight for a re-opening.

There’s some more info after the jump to help fill the back-story that is alluded to at the beginning of this episode and will give you some additional context. There’s also some links to the fundraisers, so click to…

The entire beginning discussion stems from two Instagram posts on the GrindWorks BMX Instagram (here and here) in which there is riding on obstacles at The Wheel Mill that, regardless of personal opinions, aren’t “intended” to be ridden. There’s obviously a whole philosophical discussion we can have about this, but ultimately for the scope of this episode, is irrelevant.

These Instagram posts sparked some additional controversy in the comments, and Harry is able to shed some light on what a lot of park locals call “lame” or “fun-killers”. Fundamentally, I think it benefits everyone to have an open line of communication, both patrons and Harry as the owner, to understand why something is changing or even to explain why something is the way it is. I will re-iterate the same line I say throughout the podcast: “You don’t have to like something to understand it.”

I appreciate Harry coming on and taking the time to discuss this issue openly and I think it will answer a lot of questions for many people that regularly visit, have visited, or one day plan to visit The Wheel Mill.

The second part of this podcast, and maybe the more relevant for many of you, is regarding the Coronavirus pandemic and the impacts on the park, what they have been doing in the downtime (hint: a lot!) and some speculation into what re-opening could look like (have you ever tried to breath through a sweat-soaked mask?).

Anyways, that enough from me. Check the photo of a miniature Harry in a room of Giant tires, as well as some links below to help support The Wheel Mill while they are shut down.


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As always, we are open to feedback, suggestions, and general comments to help us improve the podcast and the content for you guys. Let us know what you think and who you’d like to see in the future!



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