GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam 2017 – Update 1

Lots to update on since the last post. First, there is now a Facebook event page for the GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam. This is the primary resource for jam updates, sponsor listing, etc.

Second, we have a lot of repeat sponsors jumping on board right away! As of right now, our sponsor list includes: Continue reading “GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam 2017 – Update 1”

Pittsburgh Street Jam 2017

Save the date for this year’s street jam in Pittsburgh, PA!

We’ll be hosting the jam later than last year due to scheduling conflicts and it will be Saturday, June 3rd. Details, a flyer, event page, and sponsors will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out some of the action from last year’s jam!


GrindWorks BMX Pittsburgh Street Jam – April 23, 2016 from Andrew Vargason on Vimeo.

Sam’s BMX Diaper Party

First and foremost, congratulation to Sam and Lindsay on their newborn son, Parker! Parker was born a little earlier than expected, as we were supposed to be having a Diaper Party this past weekend for Sam. While the party was still able to happen, it was cut short from the original plans.

Tyler and AV drove up from Pittsburgh and met up with everyone else at an undisclosed location. We had a little bit of fun with this one since we had to spend hours in the car. It starts out making fun of Vlogs while claiming to be one, then goes into the journey to the undisclosed location, while assuring lots of continuity errors, and then becomes a normal edit. Video after the jump. Continue reading “Sam’s BMX Diaper Party”

IceHouse Lock-In/All-Nighter

The GrindWorks IceHouse is a donation-based, indoor DIY project on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA that we started back in October of 2016. In that short time, a lot of local dudes have left their mark and the space has evolved continuously. This Friday at the IceHouse we will be hosting our second Lock-In/All-Nighter! Flyer after the jump… Continue reading “IceHouse Lock-In/All-Nighter”

Whoa! A Real Website…

Welcome to the new!

Welcome to the new!

We have debated since the beginning whether we really needed a website other than our storefront, which worked for quite a while. However, it’s impersonal and has always made it difficult to present information, introduce new products, share edits, and in general, we feel like it’s just time to bring a real site into the mix. Continue reading “Whoa! A Real Website…”