Style for Myles Jam Wrap-Up: Podcast 057

The Styles for Myles Jam happened on October 8, 2022. The backstory to the jam is mostly told in the first podcast episode found here. Jordan and Kate wanted to do a follow-up after the jam was finished, but it took some time and coordinating before we could lock in a time. Fast-forward to the end of November and we finally sat down to record the wrap-up. For a handful of reasons, mostly discussed in the post for the last episode, this is just finally making its way online.

Episode 057

You’ll find some links to check out the podcast on various other platforms as fits your lifestyle after the jump!

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Two-for-one Special: Episodes 049 and 050 are live!

After a long break between the last few episodes, it feels good to have a few on-deck. But due to the urgency with which I want to get episode 050 out to everyone, I’m dropping both episodes 049 and 050 together.

Episode 049 is a solo-cast recorded while driving from Pittsburgh, PA to Binghamton, NY and discusses some supply chain issues with pegs, hints at upcoming jams, and pitches some alternate podcast episodes that may be on the horizon.

Episode 050 is with Derek Nelson and details some of the headaches he has had with the town where his park, HCS, and fabrication business, Spooky Action Industrial Arts, is located. There’s a GoFundMe, as well as several other links below.

Episodes are after the jump!

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