GrindWorks Podcast 026

I forgot to post this one up here on the site, so here is the 26th episode of the GrindWorks Podcast with Sam Schrage. This was recorded using the Anchor app from cross-country. It sounds a little “phone-call like”, but it essentially was.

This episode is the first one to really have a title along with the interview. Here is “What Really Grinds My Gears”

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GrindWorks Podcast 024

This podcast was recorded a month or so ago regarding Current Events at the time. James Yusczyk returned to the show to help me out as a co-host for this one.

We talk about a handful of things, including the move that I (Andrew Vargason) am currently in the process of making to a new house, and therefore new studio setup; jam recap; and whatever else was relevant last month. We wanted to get this one posted sooner, but things just haven’t worked out that way. So without further adieu, please enjoy “Current Events from a Month Ago”.

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GrindWorks Podcast 023

This episode of the GrindWorks podcast is with Keihin Sherry and Travis Hockenberry following the GrindWorks Pittsburgh Street Jam. There’s some jam recap, specifically with Keihin’s 360 attempts, and then some general BMX discussion.

The podcast is about to get a make-over as I (Andy) prepare to move. We’ll be more sporadic than usual with posting, but we’ll be back strong.

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